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Lutheran Church of Honolulu

October 29, 2020 @ 7:00 PM via Livestream

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HI Arts Lab is a multi-disciplinary performing arts group aiming to bring musical experiences to Honolulu. Launched in October 2019 to sold out audiences, HI Arts Lab successfully produced 8 experiences before Covid-19 paused the entire entertainment industry throughout the world. 

The organization is now starting to expand into music education, and more content is being produced for digital media as they continue to innovate and explore ways in which the industry can take advantage of 21st century technology. 

Led by the mighty Kilin Reece, the Sovereign Strings is an extension of Kilin's extensive research into the influence that Hawaiian musicians had on American Music, from the changes in the design of the guitar, to the make-up of the modern Rock ensemble. 

The Sovereign Strings reproduces turn-of-the-century classics with an ensemble of strings, winds, guitar, ukulele, autoharp, and piano, led by Musical Director, Aaron Mahi, and with lead singers Raiatea Helm, Starr Kalahiki, and Pomaika'i Keawe Lyman. Keep an eye out for them in 2021 as they get restarted after the Covid pandemic. 


La Sorellanza is a wonderful, non-auditioned women's choir that meets in Nu'uanu weekly. Musical Director, Diane Koshi, asked me to join the group as their collaborative pianist, and voice coach in 2019. These women are definitely one of my highlights each week with rehearsals filled with laughter, food, and fantastic singing. 

In my second year with them, as we navigate the Covid pandemic, we have taken to Zoom with rehearsals that include two units of theory taught by me each week, and Diane working through sectionals with the ladies. We are always looking for more ladies! 

As the official state pianist for the Walt Disney Company, I'm tasked with being available Disney audition, run-through, or rehearsal for... well anything that Disney wants. This includes all of their Disneyland, Disney World, Cruise Ship, and TV entertainment auditions that are held within the State of Hawaii, but not their Leeward resort, 'Aulani.  

Tourism, however, has been one of the hardest hit industries in this latest crisis, so here's hoping to a speedy recovery soon! 

Before Covid-19 hit the islands, I was in the final stages of finishing up training with Louise Lanzilotti, host of Classical Pacific at the National Public Radio affiliate station. When that is completed...  if it's ever completed after all this time sidelined, you'll hear me regularly on the station filling in as needed on air. 

Have a unique playlist, or idea to take an audience on a musical journey? Let me know! 







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